Tuesday, April 04, 2006

The Hailie and Grace story
What Grace writes is in blue what Hailie writes is in purple.

Once, LONNNNNNNNNG ago lived a very ugly woman who wished beauty. One day she was wondering around in the forest and she heard someone or somthing in the bushes. She knew she was dumb so she ignored it and kept walking without any doubt in her mind the thing in the bushes may have been bad. After a while she heard footsteps behind her, she turned and saw nothing, so she kept on walking. She was clueless as to what it could have been and she didn't care. She walked and heard a loud rubbery...PHHHPPPPP. She decided too go home. Soon she was weree she thought her house was but it was gone. She thought in her mind "oh well it was an ugly house after all!" then walked some more so she could burn off some fat. She WAS fat!. She kept walkin' and soon could not figure out where 2 go. Soon it started raining. she thought "CRUD, man I thought the bear that was in my house told me it was supposed to be sunny!!!!!" then after the craziness left her mind she stopped. Stared. And heard a PHHHPPPPP. She turned. Then she saw a BIG FAT OLD MAN! she heard the noise again! the man chuckled...."ha.Oh dear them old beans done got me gas, high!" the woman smelled an unpleasent, but assuring smell. SHE HEARD Him say man thats the third house today that my dumb old gas has knocked over! And thats the story about the ugly old fatso. :) THE END!

Hailie's Note To The Homies: Hey I hope yall liked the story! Please comment on my and Grcies blog about our FAB story!!! P.S If you want an autograph....Tell me.

Im alway's going to be better! ~Hailie

Grace`s note to you`ll: Funny huh! I think we all learned a very good lesson keep your gas to your self !
P.S. Beware Emily Mr. B. F. O. M. is based on her.

Thursday, March 02, 2006

Two beautiful
girls what a surprise!!:) :)

Hey wait 3 beautiful pictures 2 beautiful Girls
love love love.............

Thursday, February 16, 2006

My Party
I could not think of what to write but, finally I thought how about the best kind of party I would like to have. Here is a list of people I would want to have come.
Chance(my friend)
Ian(Chance`s friend)
Halie (Hailie`s friend)
Libby(my friend)
Kristina(my friend)
Paul(Chance`s friend otherwise known as Paulina)

I would like to have us all go to Jump`in Jupiders (a really cool skating rink ) We would eat pizza there and then skate some more. Then we would come back to grandma`s house and don`t think because the boys are boys they can`t spend the night but they would have to sleep ina different room than all the girls of course they could still watch Ghost Busters 1 and 2. While we are watching our movie we would eat popcorn and donuts don`t forget drinking some hot chocolate. When the boys where in their room and the girls in their room the boys can do what ever I know Ian and Chance (my friend) would like to through around a ball us girls would be in our rooms painting our nails, listening to Jesse Macartney and talking about boys we would have a pillow fight and the best part to us girls but to you parents you might want to skip the next 8 or so words us girls would spy on the boys. By then we would be so tired we would have to get the boys to carry us to our beds fortunately us girls have enough sense to tell when we are about to fall asleep so we would not need assistance to our beds.

In the mourning we would eat cereal and talk about our big night. When we were done eating we would go uot side and ride our bikes to the park to play sports. We would come back and have lunch then go downstairs and dance until our parents got there then we would say bye and go home where we would sit on the couch and wish we could do it all over again. And that would be the BEST party EVER.

The End

Friday, November 18, 2005

Ok here is a taste of my life get up with my lovely mother screaming "get up your going to be late yah dah yah dah yah dah your bed time is going down a hour yah dah yah dah yah dah". Ok maybe thats not the best day starter maybe breakfast will be better. MMM bagels whith ciminim butter.My favorite.OOps I really need to get dressed." Are you ready to go"?"N0 mom I can`t find my socks"." Well find them"."Thanks for helping me I could not have done it with out you".

"Bye mom I love you"."Love you too punkey do have a fun time at open door. I am going to talk to the ladies honny"."Kay mom. Hi JJ. Why are you here so early"."Honny"!"What mom"? Honny there is no school today"."What! I have to stay here"?"Yes honny". No!!! I hate it here". "I know honny."Wait what about..........Grandma`s house? Great mom left me at the worst place ever! But I guess I will find a way to live through it.

Thursday, November 03, 2005

This is just a test

Thursday, May 31, 1990

My B.F.F. Christina

For those of you who don`t know, my dad is a window washer. Most of the time he usually washes rich people`s windows. Any way, one day my dad took me window washing. We washed and washed and soon it was lunch time.
We went to a little store to get a drink to go with our lunch gran packed for us. We had a great lunch! We talked and laughed maybe even played a few games. We had a very cool (if you can imagine that) lunch. I wish he could act like that most of the time!
After eating we raced to the car which led to me tripping and dad tripping over me. Then the both of us rolling around on the ground laughing. After we fell we talked a bit. I liked that part (aside from meeting Christina) the best part of going to work with dad.
When we finally got to the car it started to rain dad went back to the place we were cleaning and dad said" We should stop because of the rain". He showed me the place we were going to be cleaning another day. I met the owner of the house she told us that this was her daughter`s summer house because she lived in Texas. She had 3 grand children. Soon of course they all came out. There was one 10 one 5or6 and one about 2 or 3. Christina was the 10 year old (I was still 9).